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Bible Study & Apologetics

A lot of questions come with growing in your faith. Don't be afraid to ask them! We encourage all of our youth to dig deep and study scripture as often as possible. We hope some of these resources will help!


Local Community

The Way Youth Group isn't the only great Christ-focused community in the Sioux Falls area! Check out these other communities of young Christians.

tre Ministries


We provide a positive and affirming environment and community for young adults. By cultivating their relationship with the Lord and supporting their gifts and talents in His service, tre offers a unique, comfortable and welcoming experience for all backgrounds.

LifeLight Youth Center

Lifelight_Youth Center_logo

The LifeLight Youth Center provides a safe space that empowers youth to find their purpose and passions, grow in Christ, and achieve their potential.


Humor & Satire

God is the author of all things, that includes humor. Laughter and humor are joys that can help keep our hearts light and our hearts humble. We love to laugh, occasionally make fun of ourselves, and find humor in Christian life in our youth group. If you're looking for a good laugh too, check out the links below.

The Babylon Bee

Babylon Bee_logo

Your trusted source for Christian news satire.


Memes For Jesus started in 2012, under the name “Christian Memes.” We had a desire to see the online Christian community changed in a positive way, and pursued this dream by creating and sharing content which could be appreciated by Christians of any background.

Cedarville Comedy

cedarville comedy-girls

Cedarville Comedy is a Chicago-based Christian sketch comedy group that seeks to explore the often absurd realities of our Christian subculture to teach and entertain for the glory of God.


Yeah we love Jesus, but sometimes we mess up and curse a little. Daily Story Topics to grow your faith. Daily Content and more.


Help & Crisis

It doesn't matter what background you come from or how old you are, the simple fact remains; this life isn't easy. Often the weight of the shame and struggle we carry becomes overwhelming and we need help.


We want to make this perfectly clear: if you need help or someone to talk to, the youth leaders at Lincoln Hills are here for you and want to help. If for whatever reason you are more comfortable remaining anonymous, we strongly encourage you to use the resources below.

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