Event/Announcement Submission Guidelines
If you attend or are a member of Lincoln Hills Bible Church and would like to announce an upcoming event or ministry please fill out a submission form by clicking the link above and following the guidelines stated below.

All submissions must be sent by 8:00am Thursday morning prior to the Sunday desired for the information to be presented. This includes information regarding; bulletin, pre-service slides and verbal announcements. If you miss the deadline, your announcement(s) will not be presented that Sunday.

*Last minute requests on Sunday morning WILL NOT be accepted.


If you wish to e-mail the church about an event, ministry, prayer request, or fundraiser we ask that you compose, proofread, and send your message to dewey@lhbcsf.org.

*Please use "Church-Wide E-mail Request" as your subject line and in your message include the subject line you prefer be used when your e-mail is sent out to the church. Use the sample e-mail below as a template:


To: dewey@lhbcsf.org
From: [your email address]
Subject: Church-Wide E-mail Request

Hello, I would like the following information sent to the church:

Men's Bible Study Breakfast

All men of LHBC are invited to our bible study breakfast on Saturday, June 8th at 8:00am. The breakfast will be held at Lincoln Hills Bible Church in the Fellowship Hall and consists of eggs, bacon, and toast. Coffee will also be provided. Bring your appetite and passage of scripture that God has been using to speak to you.

If you have any questions please contact Ron Swanson at 555-212-0830 or meat.n.guns@aol.com

We are unable to e-mail or attach documents with the e-mailing system we use in Online Church Directory. If you have a document with text we ask that you copy and transcribe the text into your e-mail if possible. Pictures and PDFs WILL NOT be permitted.

*If you would like your e-mail sent out the day of, please specify this FIRST when submitting your request.