Behind The Worship Music is an in-depth look at how the songs are chosen for Sunday morning service. LHBC's Worship Leader, Dewey Noordmans, gives a brief description to how or why each song was selected and the significance to the message for that week. Scripture and a few key words are given as a prompt by Tony Randall to begin the process and the rest is left to the Holy Spirit to guide and direct.

*Posts are updated weekly the following Monday morning.

Sunday, October 11, 2020
*Behind The Music entries will conclude at the end of October. The last Behind The music entry will be October 25th.
Message: Communion Sunday
Keywords this week: Forgiveness
Scripture: None
Lead Me to the Cross by Hillsong UNITED
Since communion is all about remembering Christ’s work on the cross, I wanted to lead us off with a song that immediately points us in that direction. This song ‘leads us to the cross’ not only in the music portion of worship in service, but in our lives as well. Just as we remember hos Christ took up The Cross for us, we also humble ourselves in worship and declare that we will take up our cross to follow him.
O The Blood by Gateway Worship
The blood that Jesus shed for us is the most important part of our focus during communion. Without it we are left in a hopeless state, stuck in our sin. This may seem strange to some, the idea of blood needing to be shed for sins, but it makes more sense when examined a little closer.

The blood we have is a very vital part to us staying alive; it carries nutrients, cells that fight off disease, and gives our brains the ability to function. Loose too much blood, and we become seriously disabled, without blood we would die. It is a basic building block in our biology. Sin is like a pathogen in our spiritual blood that infects our whole being. Christ‘s work on the cross offers us a spiritual antidote; a blood transfusion of the holiness of God which saves us from death. Christ offers his blood to save us from death from sin.

Another way to put it might be the analogy of use being washed with Christ’s blood. As our bodies are made clean by washing with water, our souls are made clean by the covering/washing with the blood of Christ. Just as you need pure clean water to be truly made clean, we as sinful people needed the blood sacrificed for our sins to be pure and holy so that we too would become pure and holy in the eyes of God.

Jesus Paid It All by Kristian Stanfill
We shift focus slightly from Christ blood to Christ himself and his will for us in dying on the cross. He loves us so much that even when we were actively sinning against him, he still made the choice to die on the cross for us. He saw us racking up piles of debt against God with all the sin we have committed and cared for us so deeply he sought to pay off our debt to make us righteous before God. He did what was impossible for us to do! We truly do owe everything to Christ for the work he has done.

There Is A Redeemer by Worship Mob
We end this portion of the worship service with a quieter song of gratitude. At this point in the service I felt that it was extremely appropriate to humble ourselves in thankfulness for Christ’s sacrifice for us.
Although this is considered more of a ‘modern’ hymn, I still believe it is a widely enough know hymn for anyone to join along with in ease.

By His Wounds by Mac Powel & Nothing But The Blood (Plainfield) (LHBC Arrangement)
*Since we did not partake in communion this week due to a recent number of COIVD cases in our church, these songs were played back to back
Our worship team came up with this arrangement of these two songs for communion a few years back and have been playing it for every communion since. As the bread is passed we play through “By His Wounds” to emphasize Christ’s body broken for us. After we partake of the bread we play a soft instrumental for the passing of the wine/juice. After we are finished partaking of the wine we play through the traditional hymn of “Nothing But The Blood” to emphasize Christ’s blood shed for us.  
I enjoy the arrangement of these songs with communion because I find them to be very beautiful and intentional to the partaking of elements. We are reminded of exactly why we remember the death and sacrifice of Christ.
Sunday, October 4, 2020
Message: Patience with a Pouter, The Reluctant Prophet, Part 6
Keywords this week: His [Jonah] struggle is our struggle: a battle within, a struggle with self-righteousness, and being slow to become compassionate to others.
Scripture: Jonah 4:5-11
Studying the last few verses I had two main ideas/themes stick out to me: as people, we need to adjust our attitude toward people. God loves them and wants to see them redeemed, and so should we. And the second idea being that God has the ultimate say in what the result looks like and how people are to be judged and cared for.

Reckless Love by Passion (feat. Melodie Malone)
To help re-adjust how we treat and minister others, we must first look and be reminded of how God ministers to us. We were lost, we were His enemies, yet God still chased us down. Some of us saw God’s love and compassion on us and ran into his loving arms, while some others might have had to be wrestled to the ground by those same strong, loving arms.
God’s compassion for us is unrelenting and steadfast. We abuse God’s love for us over and over, and he still pours our grace and forgiveness freely. This is where the heart of the word “reckless” comes in as we sing through this song. From a human vantage point, that kind of abusive relationship is one that is dangerous and harmful to the one receiving the abuse. But in the case of our ‘abuse’ of God’s love… Well, do we really think we can abuse or hurt God? Not a chance. We don’t wear God down any more than wind itself erodes steel. To illustrate; it would be like a person blowing on a solid steel I-beam for their entire life. The person would be worn from the effort, but the beam would remain unchanged.  

Heart Abandoned by Kristian Stanfill *NEW*
Since this song is still new to our congregation, I included it for a third week in a row. This song also further reenforces the need for our hearts, minds, and attitudes to be changed. Not only changed, but nearly in constant surrender to God’s will.  In contrast to reading about Jonah’s attitude of defiance and disappointment, we sing this song with a spirit ready and willing to surrender.

So Will I (100 Billion X) by Hillsong Worship
Not only are we willing to surrender to God with a heart abandoned, we are also ready to serve in any which way God has prepared for us. We’ve been endowed with spiritual gifts, new desires, and carry on with the knowledge we’ve been thoughtfully crafted in God’s image; tools of which are to be used for God’s kingdom!

As we stand before God with our renewed heart we are eager to join in with the whole of creation in service and worship to our God; the one who loves us, forgives us, and offers grace and mercy at every corner. As we now understand that all things the God has made worship him, we recognize the glory of it all and say, “If all these things obey your Word, so will I.”

By Our Love by Christy Nockels
We end this portion of musical worship with a call to action; tell others about God by showing Christ’s love to them! We are again reminded that God has given us traits and abilities that enable us to go the work of God here and now. Men are called to step out of there comfort zones and lead by serving, and women to shine the light of truth through grace and kindness. And above all, Christians are called to unity with one another to be an example for the world; to give them a taste of what heaven might be like. Or at least a shadowy reflection.

My hope is that this song challenges us with the thought, “How can I do this?” Hopefully, leaving this portion of worship open to what God has to teach you through his word.

How Deep The Father’s Love For Us by Sarah Sadler
I bookend the service with another reminder of God’s great love and compassion for us. This is to humble and encourage us before we set foot back out on the mission field. Perhaps you’ve finished listening to the message and think that you really get it now. You’ve learned something and are really gonna show others how it is. Hopefully, this song challenges you to examine who you truly are without Christ’s work and illumination in your life. The answer is, not much.

Or maybe you’ve finished hearing the message and are thinking you’re basically useless for work in God’s kingdom. Why would God use someone like me to minister to others when I’m such a wreck myself? My prayer is that this song reminds you that God has sacrificed himself for you so that you may be empowered to do good works! Yes, we all have many flaws and failings, but just as we don’t boast in our good works, neither should we boast in our bad ones. We boast only in Christ’s work of salvation, not anything else.  Our humanity will never be able to dismantle of the power of God. So in avoiding self-righteousness because of pride, we also avoid self-belittlement for the same reason.